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  • Where does my dog stay when s/he is with you?
    Your pup will live in-home with us as a member of the family where they are safe, supervised, happy and receive round-the-clock care, just like our own dogs. We believe pups learn best and transition home more smoothly when they're included in our home environment.
  • Will I receive updates while my dog is with you?
    Of course! We love to practice your pup's modeling skills to send frequent updates. We do ask that owners are patient as we are in training and caring for the dogs throughout the day, every day! But we do our best to respond promptly to inquiries and make ourselves available for any questions you may have for us.
  • Do you guarantee your training?
    We guarantee that your dog will be trained, and taught with kindness, fairness, and consistency - it's up to you as the owner to put in the work at home! For families of our board & train programs, it is your responsibility to maintain the training and structure we've put in place for our K9 graduates through the transition of coming home, and continue to obligate your pup to good manners and crisp, concise obedience. For families accepted to our Home Sweet Home program, it is your responsibility to implement the training skills we teach in the program and use those skills to work with your pup on achieving the goals we set together. Listen to your trainer, and we promise that you and your pup will enjoy the clear communication and teamwork that is our goal for every pup & client team!
  • Can you accommodate my dog's special diet?
    Absolutely! We are happy to ensure that your dog's dietary needs are met and kept consistent - we ask that you bring enough food for your dog for the duration of the training program on Move In Day when your pup comes to live with us, or we can feed our kennel food (Purina Sensitive Skin & Stomach). We accommodate raw feeding, supplements, and medications at no extra charge. Dry food is stored in sealed air-tight containers to keep it fresh, and we have plenty of fridge & freezer space for your pup's raw diet.
  • How do I enroll my dog in Home Away From Home board & train?
    We typically schedule clients 6-8 weeks in advance, although sometimes cancellations mean we can get a pup in sooner. We require records of your dog's up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and bordetella from your veterinarian, and 20% deposit via check, cash, Venmo, or Paypal. The remaining 80% balance is due on your dog's first day. If cancellation is necessary, the full deposit amount can be put towards re-enrollment within 1 year. We strongly recommend the use of oral preventatives for heartworm and flea & tick protection, since your pup will be training in a variety of settings, including local trails and off-leash hikes in wooded areas. To schedule a reservation, please email us at or give us a call or text at 203-942-8341. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • What should I pack with my dog to bring with him?
    We will have a safe, size appropriate crate and bedding ready for your pup, and we have plenty of blankets, beds, bowls and toys. All your pup needs to bring with them is enough food to last the duration of the program, to ensure that we keep your pup's diet consistent. Long-term chews like bully sticks, pig or cow ears, etc are happily accepted to be used in crate training and given as treats between training sessions. We cannot accept rawhide in the interest of your pup's safety.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We offer a 10% discount for pups who graduated from our Puppy Foundations program when they return to us for our Home Away From Home program. We also offer 10% discount to clients who enroll multiple dogs or have previously enrolled a dog in any of our board & train programs.
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