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Why Choose Cavalry Canine Academy?

The relationship between dog & handler is the cornerstone of our training and the foundation for success across all of our programs. Our trainers mentor clients to be calm, assertive leaders for their dogs through fair, concise methods of training and communication tailored specifically for each individual dog.

Many trainers are great with dogs, but find themselves lacking when it comes to coaching owners. Here at CCA we're passionate about teaching people too, as well as their canine counterparts! We recognize that you & your pup are a team, and everyone needs to be on the same page to enjoy a smooth, stable, and reliable K9 relationship!

Our trainers have a combined 25 years experience training for obedience, behavioral modification cases, therapy work, and service task training. We learn from every dog we work with and are always looking for ways to think outside the box to make learning fun for our Academy pups!

Image by Ben Hanson
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