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Home Away from Home


This board & train program is our most popular obedience program, and is suitable for pups age 6 months and up. Your dog will come live in-home with us as a member of the family for a minimum of 2 weeks. During this time we work on sit, down, place, stay, come, heel, quiet, off, and leave it. Training sessions are done throughout the day between hiking treks, car trips, public access outings to dog-friendly stores, engagement exercises. If your pup stays longer than the minimum 2 weeks, an extra weekly private lesson is included so you can visit and practice with your pup.


Your pup will go home speaking the ecollar language, so that you and your family can better communicate with your dog! Your pup will have a solid foundation in obedience and manners, and know what behavior is expected of them. We also customize training for each pup to cover crate-training, teething issues and inappropriate chewing, counter surfing, persistent barking, leash pulling & reactivity, door manners (no more saying "seeya!" when it opens!) etc. 

After the pups are trained, their humans still need to be brought up to speed! Four 1-hour follow up lessons are included in this program. The first of these lessons will be Graduation Day when your pup goes home. You will be expected to use the ecollar "language" to continue working with your pup to reinforce the obedience & good manners learned in the program.

Program cost also includes your dog's brand new Educator ecollar set. 

**Effective 11/1/23 new enrollments will adjust to $1490/week**

Best Buddies

Home Sweet Home


This obedience program is based on a lesson package that revolves around teaching you, the owner, to handle and train your own dog. We'll discuss and practice behavior shaping, food luring, crate training, and focus building, in addition to any particular goals or questions you may have along the way! Home Sweet Home is suitable for dogs & puppies age 6 months and up.


This program includes eight 1-hour lessons, throughout the course of which we will work on sit, down, place, stay, come, and heel. You will be expected to practice with your dog for at least 20 minutes per day to achieve the goals we have for our canine graduates in this program. 

Program cost also includes your dog's brand new Educator ecollar set.

Cute Puppy

Puppy Foundations


This 2-week board & train foundation program is designed for 8-16 week old puppies to get a head start on positive socialization, confidence building, and early obedience.


While your new family member is with us, we will work on attention-building exercises, teaching calm behavior & focus (both in-home and in public settings), desensitization to external stimuli (i.e. trucks, cats, other dogs, different footings & smells, age-appropriate obstacles, etc), crate-training, teaching an "off-switch," introductions to body handling, bathing & nail trimming/dremeling, and the foundations of house training.

Graduates of this program will receive a 20% discount when they return for our Home Away from Home program.

Dog with Toy

Paw Camp

$85 per night

Canine graduates are welcome to board in-home with us! Your dog's staycation will include a daily walk, obedience training refresher, and off leash playtime, often with our trainers' own pups. Picture updates will be posted on social media or sent directly to you.

Space is very limited, so please reserve your preferred dates well in advance.

Image by Artem Sapegin

Photography Package


Who doesn't love thoughtfully posed pictures of their beautiful, adorable, goofy (pick one or all) dog? Our obedience graduates always improve their modeling skills throughout our programs, and we love to commemorate their schooling and the fun they have during the learning process.


The Photography Package includes a photoshoot with a professional pet photographer, 12 printed 4x6's of your dog in at least 4 different modeling poses, a magnetic double sided acrylic frame filled with an additional 2 beautiful prints of your pup, and a framed 9x12

This package can be added on to our Home Away From Home obedience program, and photoshoot scheduling is available to graduates as well. 

Please be mindful that the availability of certain outdoor background settings will be dictated by the time of year. If you would prefer a particular background or would like to otherwise customize this package, please let us know so we can accommodate!

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